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As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced and busy, there is a growing demand for a tool that streamlines tasks such as scheduling spa or beauty salons. Our desire to meet the needs of those around us has motivated us to provide expert solutions for booking appointments at beauty salons and spas.

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Carenal MobileApp HomePage

CARENAL originates from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is an application for booking an appointment of beauty salons and spa. The development of this application has been ongoing since 2020 with the goal of improving and streamlining for the services provider and the end users. With a focus on providing the highest quality service to users, And now, CARENAL is available on app store and play store that allows for easy booking of appointments. Our primary motivation is to save our users' precious time, as we believe it to be the most valuable resource in life.

About Us!

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Why Us?

We concentrated on multiple aspects to ensure that service providers and consumers can make the most out of technology and attain the highest standards of quality.

For A Services Providers:

Carenal Organize icon

Organizing appointments with the help of technology

Carenal Sales icon
Carenal TargetAudinces icon

Reaching out to the widest possible audience of potential clients

Precisely tracking service performance

Carenal payment icon
Carenal TargetAudinces icon2

Managing customer information effectively

Carenal Reports icon
Carenal partners dashboard

Offering secure and safe payment options

Delivering daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales and service reports

For A Customers:

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Carenal MobileApp Homepage2
Carenal Select the employees icon

Users can choose which employee they want to perform the service, giving them more control over their experience


Many safe payment options, also "Tamara" installment payments.

Carenal Service provides options

CARENAL provides users with various service providers options, making it easier for them to find and select the services they need

book appointment icon

CARENAL allows users to book the services they need, and ensure they are available when they need them

Carenal loyalty program

CARENAL have a  loyalty program that rewards users for using the service, and provides them with discounts and other privileges

Carenal giftcard icon

CARENAL provides gift cards, making it easy to make the gift simpler and easier with multiple options

Carenal notification icon

CARENAL sends a reminder to users before a scheduled service to ensure they don't miss out

In general, CARENAL provides many benefits and features for both service providers and customers. The main objective of developing this application is to simplify the process of booking appointments for spa and salon services, while also prioritizing the crucial aspect of time management.

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Our Location

7103 2399 Abi Bakr As Siddiq Rd, Al Wadi, Riyadh 13313

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